Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Bit of Family

I love Labor Day weekend. I think it has something to do with the fact that I always started school the week before Labor Day – so a 3-day weekend seemed like a blessing to help ease back into the school year.

Normally Labor Day is pretty-low key for my family – some BBQ, a last trip to the beach, etc. But this year our weekend could pretty much be summed up with one word – “baseball”

Friday night my brothers and I took my dad downtown for a birthday Tiger’s game. We gave the gift to him back in April, but were waiting for a good game later on in the season when it was closer to the playoffs. We ended up catching a “pivotal” game (at least according to my brothers) - apparently it has something to do with determining the Division champ and going on to the playoffs) with the White Sox vs. the Tigers.

Before the game we grabbed dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant downtown. One of the things I love about Detroit are all of it’s hidden surprises. A lot of times people underestimate the city, but there are some real gems – including some great restaurants. My brother was the only one who had been to the grill before, but we all agreed that the rest of us would make a repeat visit soon. Hands down this place served the best Schwarmas that I’ve ever had. The game was great, but what I loved the most was being with 3 of my favorite men.

Saturday morning (and in between baseball events) my dad, sister-in-law, and I drove to the west side of the state to run a 5k for a fundraising even for the adoption agency my sister-in-law works for and that processed my niece’s adoption. I know that a 5k isn’t much, but this was the first official race I have ever run in (meaning the first time I pinned on a number with those magnetic strips on the side that calculates your time). Plus, I am not a runner. No really, that’s not an exaggeration. I hadn’t exactly trained for this race so I wasn’t so sure about how things were going to go, but I actually was able to run the whole time and finished ahead of my dad and Heidi.

After driving back from the race, my dad dropped me off only to pick up my Grandpa to drive 4.5 hours away to watch my cousin pitch in his first AAA minor league baseball game! Gerrit has quickly moved to the top minor league level in under a year and his most recent move happened this past Tuesday. So while my dad and Grandpa joined my aunt and uncle at the stadium my mom, Grandma, and I watched the game from home (where I realized what an intense fan my Grandma has become!).

The rest of the weekend was understandably filled with baseball talk....but we did manage to fit in a birthday BBQ and parade/art festival on Monday. However, I think I have officially decided that "parade" is simply to meek of a word to describe the 20 minutes I spent dodging candy bullets and collecting political stickers. Seriously, if you haven't been to a parade in awhile I'm warning you. Jolly Ranchers propelled at high speeds can be dangerous - and if the candy doesn't get you the mass of children swarming to get said candy that just happened to fall right in front of you certainly will!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a great weekend! :-)

    Sadly my school doesn't take off for Labor Day so I had classes today. :-( But I did have a lovely weekend with my new college friends!!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Wow great job with your run! It is difficult to do for those who have trained. I can't believe you did so well just off the cuff. So will you keep running, I wonder?