Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

There is a montre people like to associate with law school....

The first year they scare you to death,

The second year they work you to death,

The third year they bore you to death.

Well the first year I was definitely scared out of my mind, and last year I was very very busy, but I would say this final year is more of a combination of all three --> I'm petrified of taking the BAR come July and finding a job, my school and work schedule is the busiest it has ever been, and I am bored out of my mind (seriously 19 years of school is more than enough...). 

Thus the lack of blog posts!

But yet life goes on. One of the big things around Detroit in the last couple of weeks was the Tigers quick rise (and fall) in the World Series. My baseball loving cousin surprised us all by flying in last minute from California for the games (well, really his girlfriend's brother plays for the Giants, so more like he came to see the games and we fit in some family time throughout). 

Although the Tigers ultmimate performance was a clear disapointment, whoever was in charge of writing the newspaper headlines was certinly creative - here are some of what we saw during the last 2 weeks of the series:

Rain delay? Reign Delay!

Giant Headache!

Seriously though our time with Gerrit was a blast. Gerrit is hands down my favorite (and only) C family male cousin - he is full of laughs and fits right in with my brothers. I have to admit that I really missed him when he left! Having him around was kindof like having a little brother - well, little in the sense of age, he is so tall that he barely fit through our doorways!

Gerrit, Grandma, Grandpa, Todd, Allie, mom, me

Gerrit and me with Grandma and Grandpa (we like to claim we are the favorites :))

Manicures and Pedicures have become a VERY regular occurrence around our house - I love having girly girls!

The boys - I don't know if this is just a C family thing, but my dad, uncle and Grandpa have always been slightly obsessed with comparing each others height and weight to one another (they always want to be the tallest and the leanest) - the reality is, even though Gerrit is the youngest in the family he is by far the tallest and has the most muscle!

Gerrit was also the kiddos favorite plaything for the weekend - they LOVED him!

Mama-to-be at 7 months! We are getting so excited to meet this little guy! 
This month is full of baby showers and nesting projects. I might be bias but I think she is probably the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen.

Trying (unsuccessfully) to feel some kicks (and yes I really am almost a foot taller than Allie!)

Whenever the going gets tough I am quickly reminded by how blessed I am to be surrounded by such an amazing, loving, family. 

"You don't choose your family, they are God's gift to you as you are to them."
Desmond Tutu

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