Monday, November 12, 2012

Encouraging Words

I spend quite a bit of time in the car each day. Often times it is easy to drone out the morning traffic with music or talk radio (NPR carried me through the election :)) but one of my favorite things to do is listening to sermons. Not only do I feel more awake when I have something to focus on listening to, but I've also noticed a positive change in my mood when I start the day off engaging in God's word.

I've come to find some pastors who I really enjoy and thought I'd share -

Greg Boyd - Pastor at Woodland Hills in Minnesota - I've had the blessing to hear Greg Boyd in person several times during my visits to Minnesota. Something I really enjoy about him is his use of scripture throughout his teaching and how his sermons are often more intellectual challenging. 

Jeff Manion - Ada Bible Church in Ada, Michigan - I attended Ada during my undergrad years. Jeff has done some powerful sermon series over the years, including one I especially enjoyed on Paul. Something I enjoy about Jeff's teaching is that he speaks with passion and emotion.

Craig Groeschel - Life Church in Oklahoma - I was introduced to Craig Rochelle through a Bible study I did on his book Weird. He has an excellent sermon on examining a biblical perspective to worrying which I thought was excellent!

Other sermons/bible studies I've also enjoyed lately have been given by Francis Chan, Dr. S.M. Davis, and Beth Moore.

What about you? Do you have any favorite pastors you enjoy listening to on a regular basis?


  1. My favorite thing to listen to when I'm working on something mindless is Wretched Radio. Fabulous show! I get the podcast on my iPod and besides making work enjoyable it help's get my focus in the right place. I feel like the whole time I'm listening I'm just shaking my head and thinking, "Yes! Finally someone else!" or "Ya know? That's a really good point." Anyway, I think you would enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


    1. Forgot to leave the link to the website:
      You can also find them on iTunes, just search in the store for Wretched Radio :)

  2. I love listening to Tom Harmon...and love watching him preach even more :) He has such a great way of making everything come alive and makes you think, while being funny :) He has some free sermons on his website


  3. This past school year, I have become slightly addicted to listening to Ben Stuart preach! :) He preaches at Texas A&M University at a weekly gathering for students called "Breakaway." He walked through the book of Philippians and several Psalms this past school year. I love listening to expository sermons!