Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-Nephew Celebrations

Our family is officially at the 5 week mark before we are scheduled to meet our newest family member! (although all the docs are telling Allie she will go early...) To celebrate my other SIL, Heidi, and I threw Allie a shower last weekend. It wasn't anything super big, but we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed getting together with family and friends to celebrate a little boy who is so loved already!

I was in charge of decorations, and I knew going into the shower that I wanted to make some poms that  Nana and Kaitlin pulled off so beautifully at several parties they had hosted. I also like to have a non-thinking project around this time (exam season) so it worked out perfectly!

We didn't go with any "theme" just colors - blue, brown, and white.

We welcomed guests into the home with this verse - which has become such an important verse for our family during this pregnancy. Allie and Todd had been praying God would bless them with a child for quite awhile and Allie has had some challenging health issues along the way. Heidi and I decided to stem off this verse and take a different tone to this shower. Allie had already had 2 previous showers and so we decided to make this more of a time to recognize God's greatness in the gift of this little boy and to bask Todd and Allie in prayer as they enter into parenthood. One of the ways we did this was by choosing to forego typical "shower games." Instead my mom gave a really beautiful devotion and the guests spent some time writing down prayers/blessings/wishes for Allie and the baby for Allie to read later on.

These are the poms - we hung several large ones around the family room using those hooks that can easily be pulled off the wall - they worked great!

One of my favorite things was taking smaller poms and putting them on spray-painted, ribbon wrapped dowels. They gave a flower effect and we used them as part of the centerpiece on the food table.

This sign was another simple project that I worked on and ended up loving. It hung between where we served the food and the family room where we primarily held the shower.

We wanted to have some favors for the guests, but again keep them simple. So we went with homemade chocolate chip cookies that fit the color theme perfectly!

We held the shower in the afternoon (which worked well for out-of-town guests) and served a spread of appetizers and desserts.

I love these ladies so much! (Lexi LOVES her sleep and so she decided to take a nice long afternoon nap instead of joining us for the shower :) ).

And I cannot end this post without a shotout to these guys. My dad and Brandon were amazing in helping clean and help set up for the shower and they had a little extra bonding time while putting one of the gifts together (a highchair).

Come soon little boy! I can't wait to meet you! (and find out what your mommy and daddy are going to name you!)

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  1. Love this, Julianne! Everything looks beautiful...especially the poms ;)