Saturday, December 22, 2012

Over Already?!

There is nothing I look forward to more during the holiday season than spending time with my family. Since both of my brothers are married we have an on/off year schedule for Christmas Day so they can spend time with their in-laws.  This was an “off” year so we actually celebrated our family Christmas last Sunday.
Family Christmas for us is an afternoon/evening of lots and lots of eating, good conversation, and exchanging presents. Nothing big or out of the ordinary, but my family means the world to me, so any chance to get together is something to look forward to!
Highlights from this year:
-Sasha (5) requesting that we go around and each say something we were thankful for. Half the family mentioned the grandson/nephew/son on the way, especially my very pregnant SIL who is very ready to not be pregnant anymore!
-Grandpa (88) and Grandma (89) getting a portable DVD player for Christmas and being thoroughly confused about what this laptop looking thing was for and finally concluding that “It’s one more thing we’ll have to call Jim (my dad) to fix!”
-Alexis (3.5) has become our family princess. There is absolutely nothing she likes better than to dress up in anything that is fancy – especially if it sparkles! This year her Christmas presents included pink glitter shoes, a fancy tutu, a feathered headband, and a box of my SIL’s old jewelry. She spent the night decked out in all her regalia walking around the family room and randomly posing (mind you, no one was taking pictures of her, she was just posing for herself :) ).
-Lexi also gave us the biggest laugh this year when she sang through dinner! She would take a bite of food and then break into a song – which she would make up and make absolutely no sense. It was generally a combination of a Christmas carol, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo (from Cinderella).
Sometimes I try and remember what Christmas was like before we had any little kids must have been pretty dull!


  1. This is awesome. Love the way you guys work out spending Christmas with the in-laws. Lexi is adorable in her tutu! We made something similar for a little friend's birthday and they were so cute. Oh, and speaking as someone who has always been surrounded by a crowd of little people at the holidays, Christmas would not be Christmas without them!


  2. Aw your nieces look like so much fun! What precious little girls. Tonight is our family's Christmas party... ours is pretty low-key as well but it's always nice to catch up with everyone! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK