Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Les Mis

It isn't very often that I get hooked on a movie - I mean really hooked. And it is probably less often that I actually got to see a movie in the theater when it is released (I mean seriously, to risk spending $10+ per person and end up seeing a junky movie? No thanks).

But there was one movie I really excited about this Christmas season - Les Miserables.

Brandon granted my wishes and took me to see it while I was in Minnesota. He had never seen the play before and was a little skeptical about what he was getting himself into, but we both ended up absolutely loving it.

The movie is a story of revolution, redemption, love, sacrifice, and selfishness. After watching it, Brandon and I spent the rest of the night discussing elements of the storyline that we felt paralleled the Christian faith. 

I'm not going to lay out the whole storyline here, because honestly you can just google the movie and come up with a number of more succinct and detailed descriptions than I have the energy to come up with now!

But some of the highlights:

-The singing. While I've seen different forms of the play version numerous times, in my opinion Anne Hathaway made one of the best Fantines. I saw an interview with her before seeing the movie and she mentioned that they had recorded the singing live, rather than lip-synching to a pre-recorded track - she stated that this allowed for her to bring more emotion to her singing, which was clearly present throughout her role.

Yes it is a movie that is 99.9% "sung" but I found it neither annoying nor confusing. But then again, I do love a good musical! :) 

-The casting. While I've heard some disagree, I thought the casting was excellent in this movie. I wasn't a huge fan of Hugh Jackman's (Jean Valjean) voice, however, I thought he embodied the spirit of the character very well. 

One of my absolute favorite parts of the movie/the musical is the very end where it is sung:

"to love another person is to see the face of God"

That is what I love about this movie - the story of a man who had lost everything but was given a second chance, and that act of redemption taught him the power of love and forgiveness.

Disclaimer: Movie contains some low-cut period clothing. There are also some scenes that include prostitution, battles, and suicide.

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