Friday, February 22, 2013

Not in MI Anymore....

1. Cheese curds for dinner.

2. Seeing friends I don't get to see nearly enough.

3. Seeing a man I don't get to see nearly enough :)

4. Waking up to a snowstorm only to go on Facebook and find out my MI friends are complaining of the "same" storm only it's about 10 degrees warmer there and they have several inches less of snow....

5. Attempting to make cookies in an incredible man's kitchen, only to realize his only mixing bowl is a decorative wooden bowl, his cookie sheet a pizza sheet with holes in the bottom and he has literally never used the oven in the 6+ months he has been in the apartment.

Only in Minnesota!


  1. Glad your having a good trip...had to laugh about your little baking adventure. Only in a man's kitchen, right? Another reason he needs you :) Have to ask...did you make the cookies? If so, I think you deserve a medal.

    1. Not only did they turn out, but they were pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Lol - then came time to package them up so he could take some to share at work, and we realized there was no tin foil, saran wrap, freezer bag, tupperware, etc. to use - so sandwich baggies it was!

    2. ...and then you spent the rest of your trip stocking his kitchen :) Haha. You should be on one of those extreme cooking TV shows. It could be a whole series -baking in a single man's apartment kitchen. And people would probably watch it :)

    3. You are a genius - really. I think you should contact the food network with your suggestion. If the competition was in Brandon's kitchen they would have pasta, brown rice, frozen shrimp, chocolate protein bars, and spinach to work with. As for spices....salt only - although he does have 3 different kinds of salt for you to choose from! As long as he's happy :) Although I'm pretty sure that's why he picks me up from the friends I stay with after breakfast!