Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break: Midwest Version

I've decided that I wish I could have a personal photographer follow me around and take pictures throughout my life. I know this is an entirely unrealistic and slightly creepy thought - but I have come to the realization that I hate taking pictures or carrying around a camera. Thank goodness for facebook and my phone camera or I really would have nothing to document the past 5 years of my life. 

The point is, I have no pictures of the second part of spring break.

To be honest, I spent the majority of this part of break sleeping :) Both Brandon and the friend I stayed with worked during the day so my days looked like this - wake up, eat, shower, morning nap, eat lunch, watch an old episode of West Wing, afternoon nap, get ready, get picked up by Brandon for the night's activities. I promise I am rarely this lazy, but the sinus infection hit me hard and I ended up being so thankful that I had the time to just sleep, rather than worrying about missing class or work.

This part of my break was all about relationships. The nights were spent meeting up with Brandon's parents, cousins, and friends. Lots of talking (thankfully my voice was back by this point!) and food were shared. 

On my last morning in Minnesota, Brandon took me to have brunch with one of his favorite law school professors who he had worked for. We pulled up to this huge, beautiful house on one of downtown Minneapolis' major lakes and were greeted by a sweet little lady in her 80s. While she doesn't really look like her, for some reason Judith totally reminds me of the costume-maker in the movie The Incredibles - Edna. Actually she does have the short stature and glasses thing going on.... Honestly, if she were a little younger I might be concerned that she was going after my man! But really, she is brilliant and as sweet as can be and had pulled out all the stops for our brunch date. Meaning the 3 of us sat down to a breakfast of 3 massive coffee cakes (a berry pound cake, carrot cake, and huge cinnamon rolls) plus fruit, eggs, etc! She said she just wanted to make sure we had enough to eat!

Now it's back to school and work and daily norms. 

EXCEPT - I've reached the point where I will finally allow myself to do a little count-downing. 

4 weeks until classes are done, 6 weeks until exams are over, and 8 weeks until graduation! 


  1. Mmmm I want a breakfast with 4 coffee cakes! Hahaha. But anyways glad that you and Brandon enjoyed some special time together!!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. sorry to hear you were so sick for your spring break :(

    Had to laugh at your comparison to Brandon's professor to Edna. She totally made the movie for me.

    And I have a friend who said watching West Wing really helped with preparing for her citizen test. Hey, whatever works! I think I should write a curriculum entitled "A 12th Grade Education from TV and Movies" Watch James Bond to learn about nuclear power and Sherlock and Dr. Who for science (totally aced World Science Day thanks to Sherlock...not even joking). West Wing, Dave, The American President would be in government. BBC period dramas, The Patriot, Ben Hur, The King's Speech, Schindler's list, Casablanca, Flags of Our Fathers, The Young Victoria and some Horrible Histories would take care of history. Les Miserables could cover history and/or music. And I'm just getting started. It would be the solution to ADHD! (Can you tell it's been a one cup of coffee kinda day? :P)