Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding Fever

 It has been an absolutely incredible week and a half. Every morning I wake up thinking that this must be a dream - and then I catch a glimpse of the sparkling diamond and remember the man who has swept me off my feet. My next thought is typically, "how in the world am I going to get through the next eight and a half months?!"

Last week was a whirlwind of trying to make reception hall decisions. We had it narrowed down to 2 places fairly early on - one is a ballroom attached to a hotel/golf course. It's a beautiful room and closer to the church where we will likely be getting married, but the biggest plus was that the hotel was attached and we will be having a large number of out-of-town guests. The downsides = I've been to several weddings/proms/banquets there before, making it not the most unique location, and there have been times where the food has been fine....and other times where it has been not good at all. The second place is a hall attached to a local museum. It's got alot of character and really plays more into Brandon and my nerdy historical side (it was built by Henry Ford). The downsides = it is about 30 minutes away from the church and not attached to a hotel.

To put it nicely, there were some very split and strong decisions :) Interestingly, I was one of the most mellow....but I think we've come to a conclusion - although who knows what will happen in the next 36 hours before we have to officially decide and put down a deposit!

One benefit I've realized already is that having a January wedding means that there are alot more discounts and packages available! I've already had more of a choice with some of the vendors I've looked into and the price of the reception hall I think we are going with is practically cut in half by doing a "first-quarter" wedding (January - March). I love a good deal, and considering most of our guests will be from either Michigan or Minnesota, I have no fears about a cold-weather wedding!

I headed out to Minnesota this past weekend and was able to get a little MN engagement celebrating in! It was great to see my future-in-laws as well as ask my friend Jess to be my matron in honor in person (she said yes in case you were wondering :)).

Saturday morning Brandon and I headed to a place I had never been before (and never thought to go....) - SOUTH DAKOTA. One of Brandon's friends was getting married, so we attended our first wedding as an engaged couple with several other friends from Minneapolis. 

Three words I would use to describe my brief exposure to South Dakota....flat, farmland, casinos. It really was prettier than I expected, although the city where we were (Sioux Falls) is apparently the biggest city in the state, and it was not that big. I don't think small town living is up my ally....

(Candy bar at the wedding - chocolate covered pomegranates are officially my new favorite candy)

I love weddings, and it was such a fun experience to attend one knowing that I was planning for my own! The bride is incredibly creative and did some great DIY projects, and the cupcakes were incredible!

(Some of the bride's super creative decorating - shadow boxes filled with childhood memorabilia)

Brandon and I spent the ride back to Minneapolis going over the goals we had set for our own wedding - above anything, we want it to be a celebration that glorifies God and solemnizes our commitment to serve him together. Although we are excited for the wedding day and to actually be married, we've also been encouraged by several godly-couples to use this time to prepare ourselves to become husband and wife, most importantly by growing closer to God individually, and together.


  1. Eeek! This is so exciting! You enjoy every single minute of your engagement and this fun season of wedding planning. Can't wait to read more about the upcoming big day!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. What an exciting time! I love weddings too! I also got married in the first-quarter (March) and was able to have a wonderful wedding for less. One piece of unwarranted advice that really helped me while planning my wedding was that I constantly asked myself: "What do guests really care about?". I decided based on my own experiences at dozens of weddings, that guests are most happy when they are well fed. I was happy I decided on a place with great food because after my wedding I still get comments about how good the food at our wedding was, and how everyone loved the snacks we had brought out at 11:30pm.

    Enjoy this time and I am excited to hear more updates! 8 1/2 months sounds like a long time right now but it really will arrive before you know it

    1. Amy I welcome every bit of unwarranted advice!! I completely agree - food is SO important. While the wedding this weekend we were at the food was....not so great, and Brandon and I were both reminded about how much that means to us! Thus another reason why we swayed towards using the 2nd venue which has a better reputation for food - and has been delicious every time I've had a dinner there in the past!

  3. You will be surprised at how amazingly fast the next few months go as you keep busy with all you are doing and making arrangements for the wedding. In the weeks before you will be saying.... I don't have enough time!

    Wondering if you could have the wedding and reception at the museum? Our church building, is very tiny, a converted rancher about the size of our house, and so many couples marrying in our church have chosen to do that. It worked out very well. After the ceremony the folding chairs were rearranged and tables were set up while guests had finger foods outside the main room. A big plus was the savings in only decorating one location.

    Looking forward to hearing continued news as you move forward with your plans.



    1. Kat you read our minds! We are actually seriously considering that! The biggest downside would be that we would have to give up the organ music at the church that we both love. They actually have a separate area where would could do the ceremony so we wouldn't even have to worrying about rearranging chairs for the reception.

  4. Laughed out loud on your paragraph about South Dakota. East Coast girl that I am, in my mind, moving to the Dakotas is the equivalent of voluntarily becoming Robinson Crusoe or just giving up on life :) We had a family friend who married a North Dakota man and moved out there and I couldn't help but wonder why anyone would possibly every voluntarily move to the Dakotas! (Or any of the other equally...boring states.)

    Loving the wedding plan excitement. Both places sounds lovely but the Italian in me says "GO FOR THE GOOD FOOD!" :)

    Enjoy these oh-so-exciting wedding planning times!