Friday, May 17, 2013

A Little Mountain Time

Before graduation Brandon and I headed (well met up) down to Colorado to spend a couple of days with some friends of his. Originally the plan was to stay at another friend's condo in the mountains with several other couples, however God works things out for the best! When several other couples were unable to make it and our housing plans fell through I was feeling kindof skeptical about the trip when we arrived. However, everything ended up being perfect and we had such a great time with Paul and Jamie. It actually ended up snowing in the town where we were initially planning on we avoided that and used Denver as our main hub and took several day trips. (btw, the Denver airport is officially one of the most inconvenient places....who puts an airport 10+ miles off the highway??)

There is nothing like looking out onto the mountains! (well other than looking out onto the ocean :) )

We arrived on Thursday morning and Brandon and I spent the day together - we met up with some of his collegues in the area for lunch and then just drove around the mountains for several hours, finally ending up at a little local coffee shop where he answered emails and I worked on wedding planning :)

Friday morning we hit the gym with Paul and Jamie. This might not sound that exciting, but Brandon and I were both dying after a mile - we blame this on the altitude change, although I'm sure you could easily just say that we both need to get in better shape! The boys spent some time together that afternoon while Jamie and I bonded over her and Paul's wedding video (seriously one of the most beautiful, heartfelt ceremonies I've ever seen). Paul and Jamie's church was having a Parent's Night Out, so we dropped their 2-year-old daughter Aftyn off and spent the rest of the night exploring downtown Denver.

On this great street in Denver - the lights draping the street were so cool! (Ignore the poor photo quality...)

Paul and Brandon

Saturday was our roadtrip day! We spent the morning/afternoon in Boulder and then continued up to Estes Park. Originally our plan had been to go up into Rocky Mountain National Park, but the road we wanted to take was closed until Memorial Day. So we improvised and walked around the town (which is made up of probably 11 taffy stores, 6 ice cream shops, and 3+ places that take your picture in that old-fashioned western style). The plan was to drop Aftyn out and head out for dinner - but by the time we got home we were absolutely exhausted! So Chinese food and a movie it was :)

Aftyn was a great traveler all day Saturday. When we were walking down the street she kept calling out to her daddy to hold her hand. Too precious!

Beautiful rainbow after the storms

Brandon and I headed home on Sunday - but not before we had a chance to celebrate a little Mother's Day with Jamie.

The best part of the trip was hands-down spending time getting to know Paul and Jamie. Brandon and I have both spent a significant amount of time getting to know each others friends....and there are some we just tend to click with better than others. When we hung out with Paul and Jamie for the first time (in December when they were visiting family in Minnesota) both Brandon and I knew that our friendship with them would play a significant role in our future.

One thing that really stood out to me was how welcome I felt. Sometimes it is a little awkward being the girlfriend/fiancee introduced to long-time friends. But with Paul and Jamie everything has been totally natural - Jamie was especially welcoming and we bonded so quickly! It was such a great reminder to check my own attitude when I am introduced to newcomers - a welcoming attitude can make all the difference!

Jamie, Aftyn, and me

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  1. Colorado sure is beautiful! My mom and I visited her best friend's family out in Colorado Springs when I was in the 7th grade. :-) I do remember that the Denver airport was very unique looking!

    Glad that you had such a wonderful trip. You make a great point about how important a welcoming attitude is! And I spy some Vera Bradley in that last picture of yours. ;-)

    xoxo Miss ALK