Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Registry Challenge

Last weekend Brandon and I started working on our wedding registry. I have to admit that I didn't expect for this to be a part of wedding planning that frustrated me...

Although Brandon is older and has lived on his own for over a decade he definitely has a bachelor kitchen (you might remember my adventure making cookies in his apartment last year with a decorative bowl and pizza pan) and his bedding and towels were hand-me-downs when he inherited them. I have several basics I've been saving for my own home someday, but they are more decorative and kitchen accessories than what we will practically need.

I THOUGHT we were prepared going in. We had scoped out several stores and had decided on 3 places to register based on what we were looking for - Target, Macy's, and Crate and Barrel. I had 4 spreadsheets that broke down exactly what we were looking to register for and some price comparison information I had researched between the stores. (yes I freely admit I have a type A personality - especially since these spreadsheets were organized by room/area and alphabetized)

But the whole process was still overwhelming.

First, regardless of where you register, the prices are still overwhelming. Typically I am an incredibly frugal shopper. Before making any major purchase I like to research different options for quality reviews and price compare. At the end of the day however, I much prefer quality over quantity. Brandon is the same way. We'd rather spend more on a nicer, more reliable brand that will last longer than save a few dollars in the moment. This means that we will often wait longer to make a purchase, but that is fine with us.

This process works great when we are making our own purchases, but when you are registering where do you draw the line? Do you go for the more expensive item that you might typically be willing to pay more for, or what might seem to be a more reasonably priced item?

The funny thing is that after we had haggled over making our initial selections at Macy's we sat down with a salesman at the wedding registry station to download our scanner and he commented about how inexpensive our choices were so far! We both looked at each other shocked - since we both felt the opposite!

Second, it's hard to anticipate what we will need! Brandon won't be moving to Michigan until September and we likely won't have nailed down a place to live for another month or two (and we needed to get onto wedding registry now because my future mother-in-law is throwing me a shower when I am out in Minnesota in August). We have some color preferences and a general idea, but for the  most part we are going with a lot of neutrals right now. 

The lists some stores recommend just seem so excessive and wasteful! For example, we've chosen not to get china but are going with a nicer everyday plate - I know too many friends (and siblings :)) who have registered for china and a decade later it is still sitting in a storage box - never used. Along with that we are foregoing crystal and silver. I do plan on finding some chargers and different table linens to dress things up if we do want to have a fancier sit-down dinner.

So any recommendations? Anything you've registered for and loved? What about something you would do differently?


  1. Oooh I can imagine the registry process must be tough! Sounds like so much fun though- picking out everything for your new home. :-) Not that I'm getting married anytime soon but if I had to reccomend anything to get I'd say a good mixer (like Kitchenaid) and a good food processor are necessary if you don't already have them! I love to cook when I'm home from school, and those are the two things that I use the most to make dinners and desserts!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. Lol those were some of the first things on my list! I love to bake and I have been waiting for the chance to get a KitchenAid! Brandon did want to know why we needed a blender, food processor, and KitchenAid....he was pretty convinced they all did the same thing :)

  2. Our most used wedding gifts have been our entertaining gifts-we got a chip & dip bowl & a wooden salad bowl. Also, smart to register for a little nicer everyday dishes. We ended up buying ours afterwards. If you didn't register for them-drinking glasses- wine & everyday tall & small drinking glasses. Oh, I also love my immersion blender, simply because it's easier to clean up when making sauces as opposed to using a blender.

  3. Silverware, bowls (plastic, ceramic or medal), mixing utensils, pots and pans, the food chopper from Pampered chef is a must!, vases, teapot or coffee pot or chocolate pot (depending on your choice of beverage. :) I think thats all I can think of!