Monday, September 9, 2013

August Highlights

Now that my month in Minnesota has come to a close and Brandon has established Michigan residence, I thought it would be appropriate to summarize some of the things I fell in love with during my time in Minneapolis....

My favorite Minnesotan :)

1. The bike trails. Never before have I lived in a city with such a great network of bike trails (picture smooth trails not only going all throughout the cities, but through parks and forests and along lakes and rivers). When my parents drove out for Brandon and my wedding shower at the beginning of the month, they graciously brought my bike along with them. I think my favorite trail was one we did with some friends up and down the Mississippi River.

2. The fair. I had never been to a fair until Brandon and I made a trip to the much anticipated Minnesota State Fair. While there are tons of great exhibits (from art galleries, tractor sales, animal competitions, and educational programs), midway games, and concerts, our focus was the food :) The first night we managed to consume cheese curds, milkshakes, several ears of corn on the cob (which was my favorite by far), and fried clams and fries (Brandon only). I say the first night because while I headed out of town the next day, Brandon returned to the fair with some friends to hit up a few more food carts! (which included a repeat visit to the fried clams stand....ugh) 

I have to admit, the butter carvings were pretty impressive! Apparently the girls who have butter statutes (the participants in some local pageant) get to take their butter statute home with them at the end of the fair!

3. The friends. I love the friendships that we have made in Minnesota and I am really going to miss them over the next year! August was filled with days by the pool, shopping trips, meeting up for dinner/drinks, sleepovers, and many hours of great conversations. Brandon will have to make frequent trips for work, but I probably won’t be back until sometime next spring/summer. Thankfully many friends are planning on coming out for the wedding.

Love this girl so much! And her growing baby "Oscar."

4.The weather. HAH! In all seriousness, we had some great August weather. I told Brandon that if Minnesota weather was like August all year round I would be much happier. He told me I should move to San Diego.

Brandon's favorite Minnesota monument - Target Field!

5. The restaurants. There are some great places in Minneapolis/St. Paul that I love to visit. If you are ever in the area, I’d encourage you to check out W.A. Frost (especially the outside patio in warmer months), Brits, Tin Fish, and 112 Eatery.

W.A. Frost Patio


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Love the idea of all those fun bike trails everywhere! Are you guys planning to stay in Michigan or will you ever live in Minnesota?

    1. We will be in Michigan for a year for sure (I have a year-long position with a judge and Brandon's company is letting him work satellite for a year). The plan after that is to move back to Minneapolis but we are both committed to staying open to wherever God might lead us!

    2. My winter-loving husband has been trying to talk me into moving to Minnesota lately... I just don't know if I can handle THAT much snow (this coming from a Chicago-native)! But I've heard that it is such a great place to live. It's nice that you are open to all possibilities. I love thinking about all the different options that are open to me, and wondering where God will put me:)