Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Minnesota Shower

Brandon and I have been incredibly blessed as numerous friends and family have stepped forward and offered to host a bridal shower for us. The first on we had was a couples shower back in Minnesota in August that was thrown for us by my incredible future-mother-in-law.

Janet (soon to be Mom R) did a beautiful job and we had a wonderful time starting off our wedding season with our Minnesotan friends and family!

As part of the decorations Janet filled all the frames in the downstairs of their house with pictures of Brandon and me. It was really cute, but a little strange the week before the wedding when I was staying with them and yet was surrounded by pictures of myself.... :)

This shower was a couples shower. Basically it ended up being that we all ate together and then the ladies stayed upstairs to play a game and open presents while the guys gathered to play some games of pool and watch baseball.

Some of my favorite Minnesotans - (L to R) Brooke (whose husband is one of Brandon's groomsman and son is our ring bear), Sara (who is dating Terrence on the far right), Jamie (our Mistress of Ceremonies who amazingly ended up being in town from CO during the shower), me, Brandon, and Terrence (one of Brandon's groomsmen).

The incredible food spread! Janet told me we were just going to be having some snacks....

Welcoming balloons (sidenote - I love this giant mirror in the family room!)

I have no clue what is going on in this picture...

Grandma Dot! We were so thankful she could come to the shower. Her health won't permit her to travel to MI for the shower and so we were very grateful to have this chance to celebrate with her.

Sweet cutie-pie cousin Lily.

Game time with some aunts and cousins.

Brandon periodically left the guys to join me for some gift opening.

It was fun to open some of the things that we had been really excited to register for - these were some glass canisters I'd fallen in love with at Crate and Barrel.

An amazing spread of desserts to end the night (the salted caramel cupcakes were incredible!)

Our amazing mothers who do so much for us! Thank you Janet for this special day!

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