Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Great Flood of 2013

I was woken up at about 5:45 a.m. Thursday morning to my mom flipping on the lights and yelling that the basement was underwater and we needed to get wedding stuff up and out now. I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my life. It had been raining when I went to bed the night before, so I assumed whatever "flood" she was talking about was really our sunk pump backing up (which my dad is constantly worrying about). I didn't expect to hit water when my feet hit the first floor of the house, nor did I expect to see water gushing from the ceiling of our basement....all directly on top of the piles of wedding gifts and projects that were being stored in one particular corner. 

After moving most of the wedding gifts and projects into the somewhat dry garage, I immediately began opening boxes and seeing what I could save, while my parents continued to empty out the basement. Thankfully we had caught things early enough that the only things Brandon and I lost in the process were several sets of towels, a bathmat, our guest book, and some large signs. Besides that, we really didn't have much of value in the basement, and our sentimental things like holiday decorations were spared.

The house on the other hand.....did not come out quite as well. It turns out that a pipe burst in our first floor laundry room. After the first floor was covered with about an inch of water the water started pouring into the airducts and filling the basement. Almost all the flooring on the first floor had to be torn up and our once finished basement is now gutted. In the meantime, my parents and I have had to move out of the house becuase the industrial sized heater/blowers that are drying out the walls and floors make the house unbearably hot and dry.

Taken about 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning - this corner of the basement and the storage area behind it was hit the hardest, and was where all the wedding stuff was stored :) Unfortunately, we weren't able to save any of the walls in the basement because the water spread under the flooring and down the walls from the first floor.

The current basement.

What a week!

Yet in the midst of it all, we still feel so blessed. None of us were harmed, and we really lost nothing of significant value (and even if we did, it is nothing that cannot be replaced). The invitations for the wedding were supposed to arrive last week, but didn't, and the plan was to work on them as well as all the other paper product projects (menus, escort cards, table numbers, programs, etc) this weekend,  in the basement. We are working with a great clean up team who has been incredibly helpful, and thank goodness it happened now, and not right before the wedding.

But it has taken an emotional toll on us all - my mom especially. A lot of decisions have to be made - fast, and with wedding planning and the holidays coming we can all feel our stress levels rising. 

The one room on the first floor that was spared. It now looks like a hazmat zone with a giant zip up wall in an attempt to save our piano that is sitting within.

But when the tension seems to run high, someone tends to make a joke and we all recall the ridiculousness of watching chunks of the basement ceiling fall in, or go enjoy using one of the wedding gifts (that I was adamant would not be opened before 1/11/14!)

God is good - ALL the time.

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  1. That's great that nothing was damaged too significantly (well, besides the house). And it is a nice perk to be able to open your gifts early:) One tip someone told me was to write the thank you card as soon as you open the gift, because if you wait until after the wedding you will be so overwhelmed!