Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

I am loving this season of married life! My mom was teasing me the other day that she thinks I was born to be a wife...I'm pretty much sure she is dead on :) Not only do I love my man, but I love these days of continuing to learn more about one another, figuring out how to live together, and setting up routines and schedules.

One of the things that has been a huge help to me has been meal planning. I hate actually doing it, but it has made our weekday lives flow so much smoother. With both of us working full time we've found meal planning to be one of the keys to maximizing our evening time together and ensuring we are eating healthy.

Last August we both decided to cut as many processed and high preservative foods out of our diets as possible. It was a challenge for both of us, but especially Brandon who was living on his own and used to the convenience of highly processed and prepared foods. Six months later I've learned to really expand my cooking skills, and meal planning helps ensure we are eating natural, whole foods about 90% of the time (we are still working on breakfasts....). One of our biggest changes has been making whatever we can from scratch - breads, tortillas, salad dressings, etc.

Here is what this week looks like for us:

Breakfasts (like I said, this is where we are working on improving, we are also both creatures of habit and convenience in this area):
  • Brandon: Protein Bars, Smoothies, Kashi Breakfast Cookies
  • Me: Instant Oatmeal, Cereal, Fruit
  • Weekends: Eggs, Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes
  • Brandon: Leftovers (he loves leftovers which is perfect when you are only cooking for 2!)
  • Me: I make a big batch of soup on the weekend and will take that a few days a week or a salad with beans, homemade bread, and veggies/fruit
  • Saturday: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Steamed Broccoli and Carrots
  • Sunday: Dinner with Mom and Dad
  • Monday: Chicken Fried Rice, Zucchini
  • Tuesday: Italian Sausage Soup, Whole Wheat Bread, Salad with homemade dressing
  • Wednesday: Baked Sweet Potatoes stuffed with chicken, zucchini, squash, and red onion, green beans
  • Thursday: Cheese and Black Bean Quesadillas on Whole Wheat Tortillas, salad
  • Friday: (Brandon's birthday dinner with my extended family) White Chicken Chili, salad, bread
Clearly I have a favorite recipe site right now :) What are some of your favorite meals? 


  1. I make that exact same italian sausage soup and we love it. As you said, cooking for 2 has its advantages, so I like making recipes that yield a lot so I can freeze some for later and my husband can take some to work for lunch (he's a leftovers kind of guy too). Thanks for the link to the homemade tortillas too. We go through lots of them and I've been wondering how to make my own for some time.

    1. Too funny! That is one of Brandon's absolute favorite meals, so I probably make it about every other week :) We love that recipe for homemade tortillas and will never go back to store bought! They also freeze really well.

  2. Mmmm! These things all sound so good! One of the few things that I hate about college is that living in a dorm doesn't allow me much kitchen access. :-( I LOVE to cook and bake, and it's something that I miss doing while here! It is harder to eat healthy when you're relying on cafeteria food or prepackaged snacks. I like to shop mostly at Trader Joes and Whole Foods when I'm at school for snacks, but that can get pricey.

    When I was home last summer one of my favorite things to cook were homemade versions of my favorite Indian and Thai dishes! I love Asian cuisine, and stir fries and curries are one of the few ways that I enjoy eating vegetables. :-)

    Here's the link to my dinner Pinterest board (warning: many of the recipes are for comfort foods though haha): http://www.pinterest.com/missalk/whats-for-dinner/

    xoxo A

    1. I am pretty sure I could go broke in Whole Foods! I know what you mean about dorm living - I really missed cooking during those years as well! Are you planning on staying in the dorms throughout your college years or moving into an apartment/house? I will say....I did miss the giant salad bar in the caf and the always available ice cream! Brandon has gotten me addicted to Indian food - I'd love to try making some dishes someday soon!