Monday, February 3, 2014

My Wedding Lifesaver

While I hope I won’t bore you too much, be prepared for several wedding-related posts over the next few months. Lets face it, I had so much fun planning and preparing that I can’t just walk away from the day without sharing a few tips and favorites! And the photographer won’t have our professional pictures ready for at least another two weeks....

So for today, here is my #1 lifesaving wedding tip. Have a wedding coordinator.

Don’t be confused, I don’t necessarily mean a wedding planner, or even a professional. I mean a friend, a relative, someone who can be your right-hand lady on the wedding day to make sure everything is properly executed and flows smoothly.

I had known several brides who shared with me that their biggest frustration on their wedding day was that they got caught up in the little details - people asking them about last minute changes, making sure thing A got moved from location 1 to location 2, making sure Jimmy was in the right spot, etc. It distracted them from enjoying their wedding day and being able to spend time with their guests.

Now, if you are a totally easy-going bride who could care less where Jimmy stands or whether or not 10 people are calling you on your wedding day asking last minute questions, then please go ahead and ignore this post. However, I know myself. Like it or not I have a strong type-A personality and love for things to be organized. I knew that if I wanted to be able to fully relax and enjoy my wedding, I needed to know that another capable person was in charge.

Enter Amanda. Friends since middle-school, Amanda is perhaps even more organized then I am (maybe). She has known me for years and knows my preferences and how I tend to operate. Added bonus = she has experience with event planning and is the secretary at the church where Brandon and I got married.

Amanda and I met a few times in the months leading up to the wedding and the week before the wedding I gave her all of my master lists:

- The set-up for the reception hall

- The seating chart

- The ceremony program

- All of our wedding party's and vendor’s contact numbers

On the wedding day, Amanda was my go-to contact person. Everyone had her cell phone number and I left my phone at home! Among other things, she and her husband did all of the transportation of the items we wanted moved from the church to the reception hall, and were the first ones to arrive at the reception to make sure everything was set-up the way I had imagined (although we had a great coordinator assigned to us by the hall, I wanted someone who really knew what I was thinking to double check things).

The end result was amazing. I had several people tell me the day of that they could not believe how relaxed I was - and it was the truth! Thanks to some serious preparation, after the wedding rehearsal I was able to place everything in Amanda’s hands and just enjoy the day!


  1. Great advice. The wedding coordinator at the place where we had our ceremony and reception was also the #1 reason I was able to relax on my wedding day. It definitely feels nice to know your wedding is in someone else's capable hands.

  2. This is true for any big event. When we have a big gathering like graduations, dedications and some of the big events we plan for our church family etc... I like to have several people on board who I know I can count on to get certain things done. I usually divide up tasks, with one person overseeing everything that my helpers can report to. Someone will oversee getting appetizers out to guests while another person might make sure the party favors are moved to the right spot etc... all our friends know if you offer to help Kathleen will take you up on it and keep you busy. Over the years I have built quite a roster of ladies I count on when we entertain. It makes everything more fun for everyone and allows us to do things on a scale that would otherwise be expensive or difficult. And most of all, even though we work like crazy planning and organizing ahead of time, when the day arrives we enjoy visiting just as much as everyone else. This is one of the key reason we are able to host numerous very large events each year... delegation! Hugs...