Thursday, March 20, 2014

Man-Approved Meatless

One of the things I've tried to incorporate in our weekly meal rotation is a vegetarian meal (or two if I can sneak it past B). This has been a slight challenge because my husband (1) loves meat, and (2) hates beans. But he also loves saving money and being healthy - hence my search for hearty, husband-approved meatless meals.

Here are my goals when looking for vegetarian meals:

1. Something hearty enough that Brandon won't be looking for a snack 30 minutes later.

2. Flavorful

3. Nothing too bean based. He will generally go for beans if they are incorporated in a dish, but has a strong aversion to them simply being used as a substitute for meat.

And so, here is my list of husband-approved vegetarian meals that leave my man not only satisfied, but also asking for more!


This one is our absolute favorite - whole wheat tortillas stuffed with cheese (usually marble cheddar), and sauteed red onion, zucchini, squash, and corn. I sauté the veggies beforehand (just toss some frozen corn in right from the freezer) and then add them to the quesadillas before cooking. We like to top these with avocado, cilantro, and salsa.


I've been having a lot of fun trying different vegetarian soups. Two of our current favorites are Bean and Barley Vegetable (barley packs a lot of protein) and Potato (although you have to skip the bacon on this one if you are going strict vegetarian). Brandon also loved this Mushroom Barley recipe.


Nice and simple. Using the same whole wheat tortilla recipe (it is our favorite - and the leftovers freeze great), we top them with brown rice, black beans (very light amount for B), corn, and roasted zucchini. 


We have both fallen in love with whole wheat banana pancakes (which also freeze well)! Paired with some eggs and you are good to go!

Another breakfast for dinner option we love is egg sandwiches - I love to top mine with cheese and spinach or avocado. This is my go-to whole wheat bread recipe.


I've tried several fried rice recipes, but this one is by far the best and easiest! I've found that it works better if you cook the rice beforehand, or at least let it cool for awhile before adding it to the veggies. We also will occasionally throw some chicken in here on a non-meatless night (and it is even better :))

And for the record, my go-to meal when Brandon is not home for dinner, and absolute favorite vegetarian meal is grilled cheese on peasant bread. Seriously the best grilled cheese bread EVER. Brandon absolutely hates grilled cheese, which I do not understand and think is possibly un-American.

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