Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Re-cap

This was one of those weekend where we found ourselves praying a little harder and holding each other a little tighter.

After several business trips the last few weeks, Brandon got the news late Thursday that Josiah, one of his best friends who has been battling with cancer for the last 10 years, was heading downhill fast. Brandon and another friend made the quick decision for a last minute visit to Minnesota and spent some much cherished guy time with Josiah. Amazingly, after several days of 24-hour prayer, Josiah seems to be making progress! However, he remains in a state where his condition is very fragile and each day brings a new set of challenges.

Before Brandon left on Saturday morning we joined up with my parents to attend the Celebration of Life Gala for the Kirsten Haglund Foundation. This is only the second year the KHF has held this event and it was beautiful. My recent joining of the KHF board allowed me the opportunity to volunteer and be more involved with the event this year and I had such a great time. The night included several inspiring speakers, including Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed – a raw, honest book about Schaefer’s battle with an eating disorder. 

With Brandon in MN, I spent Saturday deep-cleaning the apartment, visiting the library and coming home with way too many books, working on some sewing projects, and hanging out with these girlies. After babysitting for awhile, the rest of the family (i.e. my parents and other brother and SIL and their son) decided to drop by for a visit. Not only do these girls LOVE their baby cousin, but the rest of us love watching them interact with one another. Lexi had meticulously lined up all her littlest pet shops, but as soon as Isaac arrived he proceeded to pick up and throw everything in sight. Oh the difference between boys and girls.

While this pic is actually from last weekend when we were on babysitting duty for this little man, I just have to share. At 14 months Isaac is an absolute joy! While part of my wants to dig my feet and tell him he absolutely cannot grow up anymore, I know he is just prepping to rock the role of big brother when his little sister arrives in about 2 more months!

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