Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Minnesota Musings

[one] I have a love/hate relationship with airports. I love to travel, but I hate to fly. Not because of any fear of flying, but because of the germs, waiting, inconvenience, uncomfortable chairs, etc. This trip I camped out at some deserted gates, saw my first indoor pet restroom, and breathed a huge sigh of relief when B was given the last standby seat on the way home…which also turned out to be the seat next to me!

[two] This trip was full of some sweet babies. Babies who are growing much to fast! Our friends daughter Aftyn enthralled Brandon and I one night when she climbed up between us on the couch and belted out “Let It Go” – complete with hand motions.

Henry, Hank, Henry-O, Hank the Tank

Just riding the stuffed horse together.

Aftyn and Henry just chillin together

Brandon is still working on getting over his baby-holding fears...Henry is a pretty "solid" kid, so he felt a little more comfortable :)

[three] We have some amazing friends. It was pretty amazing to see everyone who was able to fly in for the funeral and support Brooke and Jonah. We spent some really special time with a group of about 20 friends on Saturday night, swapping stories about Josiah, sharing some tears, and comforting Brooke. Oh how I wish we all lived in the same state!

Love and miss these girls so much!

[four] My mother-in-law is always sure to have a bag or two of Dove chocolate floating around her kitchen. This time she have this amazing mint chocolate – seriously to die for. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream in your mouth. Perfection.

[five] The funeral was beautiful. Bagpipes for Josiah’s Scottish heritage, a slideshow set to a recording of him singing “Here Comes the Sun,” and the most touching eulogy given by my husband.

[six] To end our weekend with a little excitement, we literally spent 15+ minutes searching for the gas cover button in our rental car. The handbook contained no mention of it and we were literally stumped until I stumbled on it while crawling around on the floor.

Sneaky little button...

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  1. Must try those Dove chocolates. My husband was fearful of holding other peoples baby's as well but he holds our daughter no problem and eagerly takes her from me when he gets home from work at night.