Monday, April 21, 2014

My Life in Numbers

1 - broken bone (which conveniently happened to be my right arm)

5 - times I’ve been a bridesmaid 

2 - bathrooms in our apartment

22 - miles I drive one way to work

11 - size shoe I wear

6 - littles who’ve made me an aunt (1 still in utero)

5 - trips to Minnesota in the last year

3 - pillows I sleep with each night (plus 1 husband)

71 - inches tall

100 - days married to my dream man

20 - years spent in school

10 - average number of miles I run per week

5 - car accidents I’ve been in (not all of them were my fault...)

4 - season of Gilmore Girls Brandon and I are on

600,000+ - number of times people have already mispronounced/misspelled my new last name already


  1. I have an unpronounceable (to people who don't speak Spanish) married surname, too, I can relate!! And your car accident record sounds like my little sister's, trying to count up right now, I think she's been in 6 accidents, only 1 was her fault, though, in the others, she was a passenger. It's funny that another Calvin grad just stumbled across my blog! My husband graduated in '09 and I graduated in '12. I showed him one of your pictures off the blog here and he also said, "She looks really familiar...but I can't remember what her major was. She was tall." Then I see 71 inches here which is pretty tall compared to both Angel and I! :)

    1. I know right?! Small world :) Lol, tell your husband that is probably one of the worst descriptors he could give to identify a girl from Calvin! I should have put another number on here that I can totally relate to you on - my husband is also 7 years older than me!

    2. hahaha--very true! I'm 5'5" which really isn't that short but I often felt short at Calvin! Oh, and I do still have my dollhouse and I'm very close to being done with the walls and floor designs...and nope, sadly it won't be coming with us when we move but I'll leave it with relatives for safekeeping so I can visit it once in a while! :P I'll have to blog some pictures once it's completely done.