Monday, May 19, 2014

My Man's Heart

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Okay, well this proverb might not be true for every man....but it most certainly is for mine :)

One of my absolute favorite parts about being a wife is cooking for Brandon. Dinner, snacks, breakfasts, whatever - I love trying new things I think he might enjoy and seeing his reaction. It doesn't hurt that he is always very complimentary!

At times, Brandon can be a little tricky to cook for, but that's become part of the fun! When we began dating he was convinced he hated most green things (although he forces himself to eat a good 2 cups of spinach a day simply because he knows it's healthy), would never touch a bean, and would look for the next course if I tried to serve a meatless meal.

Overall, he is a very healthy eater and is consequently always willing to try something if I start with "this is really healthy for you!" Which seems a little ironic considering most would shy away from something that started out that way and I am predominately drawn to trying something new if "chocolate" is in the title!

This weeks baking adventure was Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels. It really wasn't much of an adventure because Brandon loves soft pretzels. But, finding a good whole wheat substitute is not always easy.

Overall - this is a 4-star recipe that I foresee becoming a regular occurrence around the Raatikka household!

My pros:
- amazingly easy to make
- no strange ingredients (all I use on a regular basis making this an easy snack to throw together at any time or a fun last minute appetizer)
- quick - the recipe boasts 30 minutes, but given that it was my first time it probably took me about 45 minutes from start to finish (note - I did do the baking soda bath)
- freeze well 
- delicious
- 100% whole wheat

Brandon's feedback:
- "These are so good!"
- "Next time can you make cheese sauce too?"
- "Ooooh no! Next time can you make garlic butter sauce?"
- "I need another."

An so, such a food experience like this can only be summed up in the most appropriate hashtag - #happyhusband.


  1. It is pretty fun to have a husband to cook for! And Angel will eat just about anything, but I've also learned the tricks of the trade--if I put onions in it, whatever it may be, he'll really love it. If it's spicy, he'll also love it. And for dessert, it probably has to involve strawberries. :P

  2. i can't wait till i have a hubby to cook for soon. :) these look DELISH. thanks for sharing.