Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't Say You Don't See Color

Perhaps in a response to counter the racist remarks of our ancestors, it’s not unusual to hear an individual state that they love everyone equally, as they simply “don’t see color.”

Now on one hand I can understand this. I look at my adopted nieces and I don’t think of them any differently as I do my biological nieces and nephews. I see two little girls full of life, smiles, love, and energy. I don’t hold them out as my “black” niece and my “biracial” niece. 

On the other hand, I could never say that I “don’t see color” because that would be denying a part of them. Their skin color is part of their identity, their cultural history, and will influence the trials they face and the women they become. 

Furthermore, can anyone actually not see color? I remember when the girls were little and I took them over to a friends house to play. The friends daughter (who was probably around 3/4 at the time) looked quizzically at Lexi and asked me - “how come she’s so much darker than me?” From an early age we notice differences. In a culture that claims to “embrace differences” why is there a desire to erase racial differences?

My guess would be that it would make people more comfortable if everyone looked the same. Racial differences and historic discrimination mean that many spend their time interacting in racially diverse environments concerned about balancing political correctness and making stereotypical judgments.

But what if, instead of wishing away color we started wishing away discrimination?

I see color - and I embrace it.


  1. I definitely think that "not seeing color" is not the answer. I mean, for one thing, I couldn't ever truthfully say that "I don't see color" when it comes to my husband and his family. We ARE very different, there's no erasing that--but it is possible to see differences as something interesting and good instead of something negative and wrong.

  2. How perfectly put, as always... :)

  3. Hi Julianne! I'm stopping by from your comment on my page and I was unable to respond because your a "no reply" blogger! :) Such a small world! Thanks for stopping by! I love this post btw... beautiful wedding dress!!! :)