Friday, July 11, 2014

Our Happily Ever After

Today Brandon and I are celebrating our 6 month anniversary! (yes we are newlyweds and still count the months :) ) In commemoration of this monumentous event, I thought I would document some of the things we’ve accomplished in our first 6 months of marriage.

In the last 6 months we’ve...

- traveled to Minnesota, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, northern Michigan, Washington D.C., and the Dominican Republic (and driven through a few more states)

- lost 2 loved ones who attended our wedding

- written hundreds of thank-you notes

- celebrated Brandon’s 33rd birthday (he says this is especially monumentous becuase he is now the age Jesus’ was when his ministry really began)

- paid off 2 cars and my undergraduate student loans

- survived the worst Michigan winter in both our lifetimes

- I ran my first 10k and Brandon trained with me and cheered me on

- made our first friends as a “couple” 

- became an aunt and uncle for the 6th time

- started and gave up on a 1,000 piece puzzle

- broke 1 complete set of our wedding dishes

- took dozens of walks around our cute little town
- learned to like green beans (Brandon)

- attended our first wedding together as a married couple

- acquired a new middle and last name (Julianne)

- laughed often

- cried together

- fell more deeply in love than ever before

We are both optimistic that this is only the beginning of something truly great!

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  1. :) Happy 6 months!! It's totally worth celebrating! And boy, you guys have traveled a lot. And I'm impressed you guys have already gone to a wedding together. Angel and I still haven't gone to a wedding together, and we're going on 4 years married! I guess no one we know gets married...only, that's not really true, my cousin got married and his brother got married recently but neither of them had big weddings, they had just legal ceremonies and we weren't there.