Sunday, September 28, 2014

My First Post as a Minnesotan

It's been nearly a month since I last posted - and it has been a month full of changes.

After a lot of prayer, Brandon and I packed up our apartment in Michigan and relocated to Minnesota. Thus, the last few weeks have been very busy and full of transitions! While I lived on the west side of the state during college, I've never lived outside of Michigan - and so moving away from my family (and switching time zones) has been quite the adventure.

Our move happened a few weeks after my federal clerkship came to a close (the federal government is set up so that Judges typically have 1 "career" clerk, who is a permanent member of the chamber's staff, and 1-2 "term" clerks, who work for a 1-2 year term). Because of the move and some medical issues, I eased out of a full-time away from home position and into the role of stay-at-home-wife! While it's taken a little bit of getting used to, both Brandon and I love having me at home full time. God truly blessed us as far as timing in this area. With me at home I was able to do the majority of the packing and unpacking that has gone along with the move. Brandon's work schedule is incredibly busy and with me packing during the day, we were able to spend the hours he was free treasuring our last moments with our Michigan friends and family.

And so begins a new chapter. While I wouldn't necessarily have chosen the Minnesota climate for my new home state, our first week here has gone smoothly. We live about 5 minutes away from some of our best friends (the couple that introduced us), Brandon loves being back in the office (as opposed from working from home as he's been doing for the last year), our new apartment is unpacked and starting to feel like home, and I've already found a great bible study. True I need a GPS to go anywhere, and I've yet to figure out the grocery stores here - but God has eased the transition with 70-80 degree weather all week :)

And so since we have a guest room and you are all welcome to visit, I'll leave you with a few Minnesotan phrases that I've encountered so far....

1. Uff-da (Oo-fh da) - used as an expression of surprise, although I've also heard it used in moments of exasperation. Apparently it actually has some Norwegian origin, which makes sense given my plethora of new neighbors whose last names end in -son.

2. Hot Dish - you don't make casserole for dinner, you make hot dish. Brandon tends to use this as a lumped category as well, as in "I hate hot dish" not "I hate the chicken and rice hot dish." Thankfully his grandma did provide me with a personalized hot dish carrier for all my future pot-lucking events.

3. Duck Duck Grey Duck - what the rest of the world calls "Duck Duck Goose." I seriously am lost over this one....


  1. So exciting! I moved here (MN) almost a year ago and I still have to use GPS to go everywhere! My husband and I were talking about the whole grey duck a few days ago! So weird. Haha. I wish you guys an easy transition! :-)

  2. "Duck Duck Grey Duck"??? Now that's a totally new one to me! Glad that the move is going well!

  3. Welcome to Minnesota! I know that the climate will be an adjustment, but it really is a beautiful state with well-defined seasons and varied scenery. :) Make sure to get out and explore!

  4. it is funny how each place has it's own culture. I am from Illinois and moved to Ohio. The biggest change for me has been the driving culture! I am used to Chicago driving (as in, 55mph speed limits really mean 70), so the first time I came here and realized that going the speed limit means I will be the fastest car on the road was a HUGE change!

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