Monday, November 3, 2014

Tales of a Cole Vacation

Last week Brandon and I met my family in Florida for a celebratory vacation in honor of my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

While I was blessed that my family took frequent vacations while I was growing up, this was really only the second time that we all went away together (meaning all the in-laws, grandkids, etc.) and the first time that Brandon, Isaac, and Reagan were part of the mix.

She really is as sweet and cuddly as she looks!

There is nothing like waking up early to hear at least 8 people trying to be quiet...because really who wants to sleep in when hours of swimming, laughing, and talking lay ahead? Besides if you wait to long, you might miss the 1-woman musical being performed by the resident 5-year-old, although, she really could care less if you were listening anyway...

These girls clearly have NO personality or flair for drama.

During our trip we spent a day at the Magic Kingdom. This was an extra special element because when I had back surgery when I was 11, during one of my pre-surgery frightened states, my dad promised me a trip to Disney World when everything was over. Thirteen years later and only days before my second back surgery - dad fulfilled his promise! Although, when he originally made the offer I don't think he was expecting to take my husband along :)

This was my first time to Disney, but we managed to cram a ton in. Under the recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law, we ended up purchasing tickets for Mickey's Halloween party. We were able to be in the park from 4 p.m. until midnight, and because we weren't interested in the festivities (trick-or-treating and special shows/dance parties) we were able to fly through the ride lines!

Napping buddies after a late night at Disney.

 Another day was spent at Epcot, where we all declared that we could easily spend several days eating ourselves around the countries :)

But Brandon and I voted the night we celebrated my parent's anniversary as our favorite. After tucking the kids we introduced my mom to fish tacos and spent the night sharing memories and playing the newlywed game! We let my parents do a few rounds on their own and then the rest of us joined in.

The siblings - we were able to get a date night out while Grandma and Grandpa hung out with the kiddos.

My family is far from perfect. At times we struggle with communication and selfishness, and we are kindof a medical mess - but moving away has made me realize even more how deeply I love these people - and how precious being a daughter, aunt, sister, and wife really is.

LOVE these sweethearts! Sasha (7), Alexis (5), Isaac (23 months), and Reagan (5 months)