Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Crafting: Pearl Ornaments

A couple of weeks ago I fell in love with these ornaments I saw on Pinterest:

But like so many things I find on Pinterest, this ornament was out of stock and overpriced (originally $12 at Anthropologie). Plus I figured I could easily make this a DIY project.


- styrofoam balls (go a little smaller than the size you want your actual ornament to be because the pearls will add width)
- craft pearls in different sizes (I went with 3 different sizes)
- hot glue gun and glue sticks
- ribbon
- an ornament hook

I simply glued the pearls to the styrofoam balls in a random order. When I got the the top I bent an ornament hook in a "u" shape and stuck the hook into the ball - leaving the loop of the "u" at the top of the ornament. I tread ribbon through the loop to use to hang the ornament on our tree.

Taking a DIY approach, these ornaments ending up costing me about $3 each - and I like mine a lot better than Anthropologie's!



  1. Very pretty! And such a great price too! :D

  2. These are beautiful! I'll have to keep then in mind. :)