Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Toast and Eat Cake

While I was flipping through some of my old wedding posts, I realized that I had never posted pictures of our reception. Better late than never, so here are a few favorites and highlights - 2 days shy of our 1st anniversary :)

Heading from the wedding to the reception as Mr. and Mrs!

Brandon and I spent a few minutes taking some portrait downstairs in the library and then joined our guests for cocktail hour. This was where our one major snafu came in. We were supposed to have cocktail hour in the lobby downstairs - but a major snowstorm followed by 2 days of unusually warm weather had led to some flooding in the intended space. We were able to flip flop things and used the entrance area to the ballroom instead (which was where I had wanted to be all along, so things ultimately worked out just fine :)).

Oh the cake. 3 days before the wedding we realized we didn't have a cake stand. Well, actually we knew all along that we didn't have a stand, but I think it was about 3 days before that I finally realized the perfect stand wasn't going to magically appear. I was too frugal to shell out the $100 our cake place wanted to rent a cake stand so my mom spray painted a box at (literally) the last minute. I wasn't the biggest fan of the finished product (I feel like it would have worked a little better if the cake had been square), but hey, it served it's purpose.

This gives you an idea of how the room was set up - we had about 170 guests split between either side of the ballroom with room for dancing/the cake in the middle. There was a small stage opposite where the head table was where our DJ and his equipment/lighting set up. There was also a grand piano that we used for background music during the cocktail hour....which no one could hear (a downside of having to relocate at the last minute since there was a piano downstairs we were planning on using and the sound would have been much better).

Instead of waiting to do our first dance later on in the evening, as soon as our guests were seated and our wedding party announced, we did our first dance and cut the cake. We attempted to waltz to Ashokan Farewell (neither of us are dancers at all :)). Brandon was fully in charge of music choices and Ashokan has always been a favorite of his, plus to make it a little extra special, it was the first song we ever danced to!

When our wedding party was announced, we had them come in and make a semi circle in front of the stage area where the DJ was. This covered up the DJ for pictures :) and made for a fun atmosphere to have our first dance in - surrounded by the ones we love so much.

The final step before dinner was served was my dad's toast and prayer. This picture is one of my absolute FAVORITES. I love how I am watching the two most precious men in my life share an embrace.

As for dinner itself - we had a served menu of salmon, stuffed chicken, and a vegetarian option. When talking about a menu option with your vendor be sure to ask about the difference between plated and a buffet. I was convinced during a buffet would be less expensive, but at our reception hall it wasn't at all! So we went with plated, which, in my opinion is a more elegant option and was ultimately a better fit for our intended ambience  (we did a black-tie optional dress code for the evening).

My OCD kicks in a litte here. This is the guest book table at the reception and those vases (filled with Christmas ornaments and glass beads) were supposed to have the ties facing backwards... 

A table commemorating our grandparents.

This was a little seating area in the cocktail space. One of the ways we saved on decorations at the reception was by having our wedding coordinator move many of the decorations we used at the ceremony over the the reception hall - including the sign you see above the fireplace.

Sidenote - if you have a last minute change (like we did with our cocktail hour space), don't be afraid to ask what your vendor can do to accommodate the inconvenience. Our reception hall moved seating, added uplights and additional high top tables, etc. to make up for the relocation.

So we did play one game at the reception. When people started clinking glasses we had our DJ draw a name from a fishbowl full of married couples names. The married couple then had to demonstrate how an experienced couple kisses and Brandon and I would recreate the kiss. In actuality, our DJ had a list of preselected names of couples we knew who would be comfortable participating :) Above is our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies kiss (notice Jamie is pretty much horizontal) and below is our attempted recreation in my limiting wedding dress!

I wasn't going to let a wedding dress limit me from some cuddles from this cutie!

This was another kiss recreation where the wife's shoe had gone flying into another guests lap (a few tables over!). I just too my shoe off first.

After dinner our best man and matron of honor gave their speeches - and then my oldest brother got up and surprised us with an incredibly heartfelt toast.

Which made me cry :)

One last minute addition we made to the reception hall space was adding some uplighting. We just went with a candlelight color to warm up the large ballroom and it really came out nicely.

Father-daughter dance to My Little Girl.

Mother-Son dance.

Love those parents of mine!

We did homemade hot-chocolate as our favor for the evening. We figured the evening needed some law tie-in, so we decorated the table with a bunch of our old law school books and this fun light we borrowed from a friend. Earlier in the evening this was the table that held the escort cards.

I just wish would could go back and do it all again! I know I'm bias, but it really was the perfect night!


  1. Julianne,

    Your photos didn't upload. Looking forward to seeing them. Happy Anniversary to one terrific couple!



    1. Thanks Kat! I hadn't even realized that first part had published :)