Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do We Have Anymore Watermelon?

I will freely admit it - before getting pregnant I was a total skeptic about pregnancy cravings and food aversions. Sure I knew morning sickness was real, but how could one thing sound amazing one day and horrible the next? I figured it was just an excuse to eat whatever you wanted.

And then our sweet Tuppy made its appearance (and yes, we currently refer to our baby-to-be as "Tuppy", thanks to our amazing friend's tradition of in-utero nicknames, and the brilliance of Jeeves and Wooster).

So far I can no longer stand to eat or smell peanuts, trail mix (which I used to eat almost every day), pretzels, saltines (theoretically because this was all I ate for a week), or sweets (which I also used to eat every day).

Alternatively, I cannot get enough watermelon, bagels, or frosted flakes. I've gone through a whole watermelon a week for the last 3 weeks by myself (thank goodness they've been on sale...).

I'm pretty sure I haven't bought sugared cereal since college. This week I came home with 3 boxes (granted one was Raisin Bran - that's kindof healthy right??).

The first week after we found out I was pregnant all I could stomach was chicken - now I'm dreaming of medium-rare hamburgers. Why is it you want but you cannot have?

So for all of you doubters out there, I'm telling you - the cravings are real!

And so the journey begins...


  1. Mine was watermelon too! Except most of my pregnancy was during the winter so they cost a fortune. I built a watermelon fund into our budget and tried to save other places so I could buy one a week! And fruity Cheerios!

    1. Hmmm, watermelon and sweet cereal, maybe this is an indicator that I'm following in your footsteps and having a girl?!

  2. The only weird craving I had when I was pregnant was in my first trimester. I wanted a scallop and bacon pizza. I spent half a day looking online for some place that served one and finally decided to make my own with Alfredo sauce and it was delicious. Haven't wanted it since though

  3. Okay, I have never eaten sweet cereal and the thought of it makes me ill so I can't imagine eating it when I have morning sickness... But I can vouch for the melon craving. For the first 6 months of my pregnancy with Kaitlin Watermelon and Cantaloupe were the only things I could even look at. I have found them refreshing and comforting with other pregnancies as well but I didn't HAVE to have it like I did with Kaitlin.

    I didn't crave particularly unusual things just things I wouldn't normally eat or things that made me violently ill with other babies... PB&J, French Fries, Ice Cream and Allen's favorite, Pizza. It was great in my earlier pregnancies when diabetes wasn't part of my life and my docs wanted me to gain 50 pounds per pregnancy. I could eat anything and not worry one bit about it. Oh, those were the days!!!

    Love you and love following your journey. Be well my dear one.

  4. That cravings are real and I can prove it by the number of batched of midnight tuna salad I've been commissioned to make! And so are the aversions! It was pretty easy to guess Mom was pregnant when she started rejecting coffee and anything with onions (ie. two of her main food groups).