Thursday, July 23, 2015

Slowly Growing

Post workout bump pic (excuse the sweat, they have the best mirrors there :))

I tend to  have this idealistic view at the beginning of summer - imagining lazy days, lots of books read, dinner outside, and extra time with family and friends. In reality, before I know it the days are packed, work makes lazy days not quite as possible, and there doesn't seem to be nearly enough time to see all the family and friends that we want to!

It doesn't help that Brandon and I kicked house hunting into full gear in May. We'd spent quite a bit of time up in the air questioning about whether on not we will stay in Minnesota long term. After some spring trips back to Michigan, it was evident how much we missed our family. But, God has made it SO clear that Minnesota is the place for us right now - this past year has been amazing and we have been so blessed by finding a church we love and building relationships with friends and Brandon's extended family. Renting just doesn't make sense long term, so the house hunting began!

Interestingly, after a day of looking at 9 split levels that I hated, we found a house we loved and put an offer down that night (the market is so hot right now here that if it's a good house, it's going within a day or two of being up for sale). But foundation issues made us wary and we backed out a few days later. After a couple of weeks break (I was getting a little overwhelmed), we found a house we loved even more than the first and managed to come in under budget! The inspection was just this week and we are in final negotiations with the sellers right now.

Our house to be! 

In the meantime, our days have been full of enjoying watching our little one slowly grow (more like watching my belly button go from being an inny to an outie) and planning for the events this fall and winter will bring!