Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little Mr. or Miss.?

A week ago Brandon and I headed to the doctor's office for our 19-week ultrasound. My parents had come out to Minnesota for a visit and we decided it would be perfect timing to find out if Baby R was a boy or a girl.

Now there was some heated debate about whether or not we would find out the baby's gender. Type A personality that I am, I wanted to know from the beginning. Brandon wasn't quite so sure. But once we started talking names and making plans he quickly changed his mind.

Our ultrasound was on a Monday afternoon. On Sunday we found ourselves agreeing on a girl name (you should gasp at this piece of news because it was quite an achievement!) Not only did we agree on a name, but Brandon decided that he loved this name so much that he desperately decided he wanted the baby to be a girl. (you should again gasp because my husband has been talking of nothing but little league and tonka trucks since we found out we were expecting) 

I had been convinced since day 1 that we were having a girl, so happy that my husband finally seemed more open about the idea, I headed into the doctor's office.

My parents came into the ultrasound room with us, but we asked them to look away when the tech showed us the gender so that we could share the news with both sets of parents later that evening. Let me say, the ultrasound was absolutely incredible! I am so thankful for the technology that allowed us to see our very active little one in utero - God's handy work is truly amazing, and getting a glimpse into what "knitting together in your mother's womb" looks like was a life changing moment.

And then came the moment the get a peek at whether we would be stocking the shelves with pink or blue. Mom and Dad looked away, buy my mom managed to snap this picture right when Brandon and I realized what we were expecting:

Needless to say, after hearing our gasps and seeing our massive smiles at the clarity of our baby's gender, they were pretty sure they had a grandson on the way!

And according to our ultrasound tech - she is 99.999% positive we will be welcoming a son this December!

Brandon and I were shocked....and ecstatic....and more shocked! 

Now the only question that remains is whether our little man will take after his chubby blond hair, blue eyed daddy....

or his lanky dark hair, brown eyed momma!

We can't wait to find out!