Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our Christmas Blessing

Last Monday, and right on his due date, Beckett James joined our family! God truly blessed us with an incredibly smooth (and fast!) labor and delivery. There was a few moments where we thought Beckett might be born on the way to the hospital, but we made it just in time :)

Beck spent a few days in the special care nursery due to some respiratory challenges from coming so fast, but all is well and we were discharged and home in time to celebrate our first Christmas Eve together!

We are so in love! This truly is a Christmas we will never forget!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nursery Reveal

One of the nice things with moving a few months before Baby R was due is that we had some time to tackle house projects before the weather changed and my due date arrived. However, as first time naive homeowners, we didn't realize how quickly our list would grow, or how much longer than anticipated some of the projects would take.

But just after Thanksgiving we were able to say the nursery was "done" and ready to welcome our little man!

Before we found out that we had a little boy on the way I knew I wanted to stick with mostly neutral colors that could be re-used for (hopefully many) brothers or sisters down the line. So we went with a grey and white color scheme overall and then added navy and deep red accents to man things up a little bit and add a pop of color.

We were so blessed with furniture gifted to us by family and handed down by friends that the biggest to-do project ended up being painting a formerly (dark) wood dresser/changing table white....and about 5 coats of paint later we got there!

My splurge for this nursery was the curtains. Had I been more motivated I'm sure I could have made some that were fairly similar and significantly cheaper. But between moving, several trips out of town, numerous baby showers, and trying to balance work/rest for my back, it was simply easier to watch for sales and buy these from Pottery Barn! 

The nursery is unique in that the former owners actually cut out a space between the wall dividing the master bedroom and this room and inserted french doors. While the set-up may be a little different, we've found that we really like it so far and *think it will be great once baby arrives as well. But for privacy we did buy a set of room-darkening curtains to cover these doors as well.

One of my favorite parts of this room are these bookshelves that Brandon installed. Thank you Pinterest! They are actually picture ledges from ikea (note - some tutorials suggest using spice racks, but we found these picture shelves to work better - they came pre-painted and were easier to install!). Many of our friends and family know of our love for books and our little guy has consequently been gifted with quite the library! This is a fun way for book storage that allows for easy access and using the books as wall art.

Finally, you should really take note of the sweet quilt that was the perfect final addition to the nursery. The backstory of how the quilt came to be is here (along with much better pictures of the quilt in its entirety), and we couldn't be more thankful for the loving hands that made it!

And so now, at 38 weeks and 3 cm dilated we sit back and wait (or attempt to do so patiently when I'm not impulsively cleaning or eating everything in sight :)).