Friday, January 22, 2016

One Month Joys and Challenges

Somehow I've found myself with a one month old! Some days it feels like he was just born, and other days I truly can't imagine our lives without him. Each day brings new adventures - physically he changes by the moment and is slowly discovering new things and exploring his surroundings.

I shared with a friend the other day that I never expected motherhood to be such an adjustment. I mean, I did, but I figured that I've always been pretty comfortable around babies, and spent a lot of time babysitting and with my nieces and nephews. However, what I didn't think about was the fact that as the youngest in my family, I never grew up with any babies in the house or around me 24/7!

Really Beckett is a very good baby. He eats like a champ and is pretty happy - but sleep deprivation has been a challenge! Thankfully I've got some pretty great mentors in my life who've been very helpful with advice and encouragement.

I think the most frustrating thing has been feeling overwhelmed about what advice to follow! Everywhere I turn someone has a suggestion about what to do or what not to do! Feed on demand vs. feed on a schedule. Cry it out vs. pick the baby up as soon as he makes a noise. Co-sleep vs. put him in a crib. Slowly (and with a lot of prayer) we've started to discern what works for our little family.

But one thing is for sure - there is no doubt in my mind that I am blessed beyond belief! Earlier this month Brandon and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary. We didn't go out to dinner anywhere fancy, or buy each other lavish gifts, but spent the night on the couch cuddling our newborn son - and we both agreed it was the perfect celebration!


  1. What a sweet, sweet boy!! I can't believe he is already a month old. :-) And happy second anniversary!

    xoxo A

  2. He is so adorable! Congrats on your anniversary and such a sweet little guy! I also learned that even people who've raised lots of babies before haven't raised your baby, and for me that made such a big difference because Victoria was a very very difficult newborn on many levels! My mom who had 4 babies had no idea what to do with her :) Hang in there! He'll be sleeping before you know it and then you will start missing those midnight bonding sessions :) Love all the photos