Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby "Bucket"

I've found that one of the hardest things about having a son is living away from family. We are really blessed to live fairly close to Brandon's parents, but all of our siblings and my parents live out-of-state. Thankfully, we are able to travel to Michigan (my home state) fairly often and spent the last week there visiting and introducing Beckett to his cousins, aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, and many friends.

Our growing family!

When we named our son, we really didn't think it was all that complicated! But somehow, some of our family members have really struggled with his name! Granted, they are the oldest and youngest members of the family, so we cut them some slack, but they have come up with some creative alternatives for our little one!

Beckett with Grandma Laurie and Papa Jim

My 92-year-old grandmother has been ecstatic to meet Beck. Or "Beacon" as she more often than not refers to him as! She's also managed to refer to him as Brandon, Brendan, Benjamin, and Blanket - but she never forgets his middle name! (James, after my dad and her son!) On the other hand, our 1.5 year old niece, Reagan, has lovingly dubbed Beckett "my baby Bucket!" It's a good thing we love them so much!

Our sweet Reagan

Highlights of this trip really included a lot of family time - including a Valentine's date night with my siblings and their spouses while my parents watched all 5 grandkids, visits with friends (all who have growing babies of their own now), and eating some of my favorite food (metro Detroit has some of the best Middle Eastern restaurants!). And since Beckett rocked his first plane trip, I'm only feeling slightly anxious about our 4x longer flight to California in a few weeks...

I used to get together with these 2 ladies and another friend (who now also lives in MN) almost every week for several years - in 2015 we all had babies!)


  1. Aww, love all the new 'names' for Beckett that have been cropping up. Those are good to write own for the memories!

  2. It really can be hard living far from family! But then, it is nice that when they come to visit they usually stay a little longer than if we lived close. But thank God we live in a time of FaceTime and other video chat programs! My daughter loves calling her grandparents and seeing their faces :) I love his name! And baby Bucket is just too cute to correct!