Monday, April 4, 2016

Coming Home

I truly don’t know how full-time working moms do it. In fact, after the last 3 weeks I’m convinced that my boss – who has 2 young daughters, is incredibly active in her church and community, and still finds time to teach zumba and seems to sit on half a dozen volunteer committees, has some superpower store of energy that she is able to call into play. And if she doesn’t, she can certainly fake it a whole lot better than I can!

Because lets face it, since I went back to work after my maternity leave, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Sure I can get to work by 7 am so I can leave by 4 and be home by 4:30 so that I can pick up the house, make dinner, and do the laundry before Brandon comes home at 6:30 so we can sit down for dinner together before we put Beckett to bed at 8. But after a full day at work where I’ve run errands on my lunch break and haven’t seen my baby since I nursed him the night before, all I want to do is cuddle my sweet little man and soak up his smiles!

I know that to be a politically correct female I’m supposed to say you can do it all, but at this point in my life I really don’t believe that to be the case. Something has to give.

Brandon and I agreed a long time ago that family was a priority. And so, last week I turned in my resignation letter for a job I really love. As excited as I am to be a full-time stay-at-home mom, resigning was harder than I anticipated. As much as I miss Beckett, I can understand the argument many working moms make! There are days where I’ve been perfectly happy to leave my screaming baby at home and head out into the world of adult conversation and intellectual stimulation.

But when God blessed Brandon and I with Beckett, he blessed us with an incredible responsibility – to raise a child. And for our family, the key word in that equation is us. He didn’t bless a day care worker, or a nanny, or my mother-in-law (who has been an incredible help in watching Beck these last few weeks) with that responsibility – he blessed Brandon and me. And we take that responsibility incredibly seriously. We want to be the people Beckett spends the most time with and who have the greatest effect on his life.

The one question that really boggles me is, “how are you going to do it?  You’re so lucky, we could never afford that.” But how do people afford big houses, luxury vacations, or new cars? They make it a priority. For us, me staying home is a priority, so we have made a budget and chosen to sacrifice in other areas.

And so next week I begin a new adventure! And while I know my days will be busy and exhausting in a different sense, I’m looking forward to being able to put my full focus and energy towards serving my family (and soaking up all of Beckett’s sweet coos and smiles)!


  1. Good for you for making such a big decision! I'm sure this will be a great change for your family!

  2. That is so awesome! Definitely a big decision but one that will be so great for your family over the many years ahead.

  3. I know that can be a tough decision to make! But in the end it will be so so so worth it. I've been truly surprised by how little I miss the "Adult" world now that I am home. We've found a lot of fun outlets (MOPS group in particular) that have helped me maintain that adult time and given me a short break:) You will do great! Looking forward to posts about this new stage in life!

  4. Good luck! Staying home is an adjustment, but its great. It's def. a different kinds of work, and you'll face different challenges. I highly suggest finding a moms group so that you have a support system. It was game changing for me.