Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear Delta....Assertions from a Nursing Mother

Dear Delta,

With a 4 month old son who just completed his 6th plane trip on your airlines, I feel like I have enough clout at this time to bring some complaints to the forefront of your attention.

Please, could someone explain to me WHY there are not changing tables available on your aircrafts? Out of the past 6 flights I've taken with my son, one had a changing table available. On the other flights it was left to me to determine how to safely change my newborn. One flight attendant suggested I just use the floor of the bathroom. The floor. Of a public aircraft carrier. I'd like to know how that suggestion was even remotely sanitary or possible (given the sizing logistics of an airplane restroom). Another time it was suggested I use the toilet lid. Again I question the cleanliness and safety of attempt to change a rolling baby on a toilet seat - particularly during a turbulent flight.

Now let's talk about seating. When I was traveling with my husband, you were gracious enough to seat us together, even when we hadn't paid to do so ahead time of time. I really appreciated that. Thank you for noting we were traveling with an infant in arms and making that accommodation. But what would be even more helpful is if you could provide me with an aisle or window seat when I am traveling alone. It is one thing to navigate nursing on an airplane when you are sitting next to your spouse - it is a completely different challenge when you are seated in the middle seat between two strange men. Yes, I could have paid to ensure I got an aisle or window seat on the flights (giving myself a little more privacy and maneuvering room), but apparently I wrongly assumed (based on your previous actions when I was traveling with my husband) that you would note that I was traveling with an infant in arms and make some sort of accommodation.

After my first flight experience that this happened, I inquired at the ticketing counter whether I could have such a seat given my nursing needs - and was spoken to in a very rude and demeaning manner that this was an additional purchase I had to make when I bought my ticket.

Yes I nursed my son before I got on the plane in an attempt to have to do so during the flight, but nursing helps soothe his ears during take off and landing (more than a pacifier does). And believe me, I have a baby who is quite a good traveler and happy little one - unless he is hungry. Would you rather listen to my screaming son, or give me a little room and privacy to nurse? And Les b honest, he is only 4 months old. As he grows bigger, I can only see my attempts to change and nurse him on a flight becoming more difficult.

So I ask you Delta - are adding a few changing tables and giving a parent with an infant in arms seating priorities really to much to ask? I mean, I'm not even complaining about the fact that you broke one of my stroller wheels....

Somehow I wonder if this conversation would be different if I was a sky priority member.


Momma from Minnesota

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  1. Oh Goodness I am trying to remember how I changed Victoria at 15 months when I took her across the country and I can't even remember. All I remember was that it was a nightmare experience I am hoping to never relive! That's amazing you are getting him used to traveling so young. He will be an expert before you know it!