Friday, July 22, 2016

When the Ordinary Becomes Extrordinary

Nothing special happened today, and yet today was a special day.

Beckett sat on his own for the first time for longer than 5 seconds, we had a play date with a sweet little girl who has the most amazing expressions, Beck had a wonderful time eating corn on the cob and broccoli for dinner, and we ended the day with a bath where Beck showed off his impressive kicks and swimming skills to Grandma.

My heart is so full.

So many wise mommas told me to treasure these ordinary days - warning me that they go by too fast, that our little ones grow up too quickly. I take this advice very seriously. Ever since I noticed how quickly my little one left the newborn stage and how fast toddlerhood is approaching, I started to take a few extra moments each night to treasure my sweet boy and the day we've just had.  And a magicial thing happened - I realized that nothing "special" had to happen to make a day sweet or memorable. I started to recognize that smiles and laughter really do make the world go round, and that a day that seems frustrating can be softened by some extra cuddles in the rocking chair.

And so, in a time where politics and violence make the future seem uncertain, I'm choosing to cherish the ordinary and appreciate the extrodinary gift I had been blessed with.


  1. I love Beckett in this picture- so beautiful of both of you! And such sweet words here, too. :-)

    xoxo A

  2. Ordinary days--tiny moments of beauty and joy and just plain old having a family and being alive--are truly incredible, when you stop to think about them a little. :) Glad you're relishing your ordinary days!

  3. Love this sentiment, Julianne! You're so right: growth and changes happen so fast with our little ones, we must treasure every bit of it--celebrate not only the big milestones, but the little ones too. Thanks so much for such an endearing post!