Friday, August 19, 2016

Simple Joys

Last night I gathered with several women from my church for one of my new favorite bi-monthly traditions - a recipe swap! We each bring a favorite dish and share a meal together.  While talking one Sunday, several of us realized we all had tons of recipes pinned on Pinterest, but often didn't get around to actually trying them! This has been a great way to taste some of those recipes and find out what is really good before trying it out on our families :) One of the ladies gathers the recipes beforehand and has them printed, hole punched, and ready to insert into some colorful binders bought for the occasion. While it's been a fun way to find some great new recipes, my favorite thing has become just getting to know some new friends!

Since many of us are young moms or newlyweds, conversation typically centers around the little ones in our life, marriage, and faith (i.e. last night several of us realized that ironing is at the top of our dreaded chore list - but our husbands don't mind it at all!). Last night we decided to try something new and pulled out some of the IF:Gathering Conversation Cards. My favorite question of the night turned out to be: "What is something simple that brings you joy?"

We talked about how it's easy to come up with the big things in life that bring you joy - vacations, holidays, date nights, etc., but what about the little everyday things? Are you even on the lookout for what those little things are?

Some of the answers included:

- "Mail Dates" - a couple's nightly walk out to the mailbox and around the house after their kids are tucked in for the night
- A good cup of coffee
- Sweets!
- Quiet time when all the kids manage to nap at the same time

My answer was walks - especially our Sunday family walks. Almost every afternoon Beckett and I head out for a walk after his afternoon nap and before Brandon comes home. Both of us love getting outside and I love to take in the silence or listen to a sermon/podcast while Beck engages in some intense people/animal watching. We live in the middle of a great park system and are blessed to have several trails through the woods and around parks and ponds right at our fingertips. Back in the spring, Brandon and I started heading out every Sunday afternoon for a family walk. Most of the time Brandon loves to choose a new location for us to try (ranging from local park reserves, one of the numerous lakes in our area, or around Brandon's childhood neighborhood :)), but sometimes we will just end up wandering around our neighborhood. I love this tradition and the time it gives us to connect as a couple while being active together!

While I didn't share it last night, I was thinking this morning that one of the other simple joys in my life is getting Beckett up in the morning and from his naps. These days, 95% of the time he wakes up with a big smile and is often talking to himself when I come into the room.

What about you? What is something simple that brings you joy?


  1. Baking. I love baking and looking forward to people eating what I created. I love baking on the weekends or a sometimes on a week night and looking forward to bringing it into work. My church does college care packages where people volunteer to make baked goods and that are then divided up and sent off as care packages to college kids. I think it's a very cool, very simple thing that brings joy to so many people.

  2. I find tremendous joy in cooking for others Julianne! I had my family over Sunday after church to celebrate my mothers birthday. I was excited to see their faces as they sampled my new dinner creation and mom's favorite cheesecake! Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship was a blessing to all. I'm thankful that God gives us the opportunity to bring joy to people by showing the love that He shows us May we continue to find joy in serving Him in everything we do. So nice to visit your blog here today. I hope you have a wonderful week and may God bless you and yours!