Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I Blinked


One year ago I went to work, visited my midwife, walked 3 miles on the treadmill, made Italian sausage soup for supper, ate dinner with Brandon, watched a little Project Runway, and then almost delivered a baby on the way to the hospital!

This year has truly been amazing. Words truly can't express the joy Beckett brings to our little family.  Even during the most trying moments I am often struck with awe that God gifted us this little man - that he is a part of me and the man I love the most in the world.

And I'm not going to lie, I love being his favorite. I love being the one who can comfort him and who he turns to first for snuggles or kisses (until his Daddy walks in the door after work - then I'm old news!).

Currently Beckett:

- weighs approximately 23 lbs and stands almost 30 inches tall
- crawls all over the place - mostly on his hands and feet (like a walking downward dog)
- pulls himself to standing and loves to cruise around the couch, coffee table, bathtub, etc.
- eats absolutely everything - although he's not a huge fan of peaches or cottage cheese
- hasn't shown any signs of separation anxiety (knock on wood), mostly he loves being around other people and will happily share a smile with anyone he crosses paths with
- is a champion sleeper at night....naps are hit or miss but he will happily talk or sing to himself in his crib during his nap time if he doesn't fall asleep
- loves to play with anything with wheels
- babbles constantly and hasn't said "mama" and "dada" but doesn't use them consistently
- loves swimming in the the bathtub more than anything else!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!