About Me

I'm Julianne. Believer. Wife. Boy-mom. Lover of books and chocolate.

I met my husband Brandon in the fall of 2012. 7 months later he asked me to be his wife and we were married on January 11, 2014. Our wedding was everything I ever imagined - but being married to my best friend and biggest encourager is even better.

I'm a lawyer by degree and homemaker by heart. I love to cook and Brandon tells me everything I make is delicious - I tell him he's biased, especially since he lived on eggs and frozen ravioli for the last 10 years.

While my faith comes first, my family is a close second. I love being an aunt, especially when it involves cuddles, dress-up, baking cookies, and hearing my husband sing along to Frozen at the top of his lungs.

In December 2015 our lives were changed for the better when we welcomed our son, Beckett James. My days are now filled with play dates, diapers, and endless giggles - it's pretty wonderful.

I never planned on marrying a man 7.5 years my senior, moving four states away from my family, or becoming what Brandon has deemed a "crunchy con," but somewhere along the line I've learned to accept that God's plans are always bigger and better than my own.